Do you ever just look out into your garden and wonder if your trees are getting the treatment they deserve? We all know how important it is to have trees in our environment, but how many are actually healthy? No matter how much you tend to them, trees can easily become sick and it is important to assess them correctly in order to decide on what to do next. If your tree isn’t showing any signs of health, get in contact with Premier Tree Surgeons to figure out the next step.

Assessing your tree takes no time at all and can really make or break your garden/open area. Here are 5 signs of a healthy tree:

🌲 No Bare Patches

This is particularly common with evergreen trees. If sections without leaves begin to appear, keep a close eye on them throughout the year. If the section continues to remain bald, then there is a variety of reasons as to why this might be taking place. The most common causes  of bare patches are:

  • Wrong pruning process
  • Pesticide damages
  • Animals eating the leaves
  • Nutrients/water not reaching the branches

🌲 Yearly Growth

 It is true when they say that you can tell how old a tree is by the amount of rings it has. Both the trunk and branches grow yearly on trees – a quick way of checking the growth is to measure the distance between the buds. This is shown by the scars on the branch. The correct growth will depend on your type of tree, so be sure to check this before measuring.

🌲 No Wilting

 A very obvious sign of an unhealthy tree is it’s wilting. If a tree is stressed and not receiving everything it needs, it will begin to droop. Luckily, if spotted early enough, this can be fixed. Reasons for a wilting tree include:

  • Too much or not enough sun
  • Over-fertilisation
  • Disease
  • Over-watering or lack of water

🌲 Bold Leaves

 Once again, this will vary from tree to tree, but the principle stays the same. Make sure that the leaves of your tree are the right colour for the season that you are in. Unless the tree is prone to having yellow leaves, then it is important to be wary if your tree starts to turn yellow. Yellow, irregular shaped leaves are obvious signs of an unhealthy tree.

🌲 No Broken Branches

 Prune away any broken branches as soon as you spot them. Dead and broken branches are gateways for diseases and insects to make their way in and kill the tree. Living branches will show signs of green underneath – do not tamper with these! If a branch is dead, then it will snap straight away. Another way to test for dead branches is by scraping it with your thumbnail and seeing how much residue you are left with.

With these 5 signs of a healthy tree in mind, you are well on your way to carrying out a successful assessment as to whether it may need seeing to or not. No matter what the problem may be, big or small, our tree surgeon service will have you covered.