🌲 Trees are one of the most beautiful things in the world – they change carbon dioxide into the oxygen we breathe, provide shelter for a variety of animals and come in a very wide variety of appearances and sizes. You can’t blame us for wanting to work with such wonderful nature. We would be here for days if we listed every single tree we loved the look of. Read on to discover some of our personal favourites! 🌲

The Rainbow Eucalyptus Tree

If you are a fan of art, then this one is definitely for you. Resembling a type of psychedelic painting, this tree looks like someone has gone crazy with a paintbrush at first glance. However, this brand of eucalyptus tree sheds bark in patches throughout the course of a year, turning into a multi-coloured beauty. The undergrowth begins as a vibrant green and then matures to an array of purple, orange, and blues.

Tetrameles Nudifloras

This tree is extremely impressive and you have most likely seen several images of it before. Found in Southeast Asia and Oceania, the seeping trees resemble a candle wax effect and the roots are almost impossible to remove. Cambodia’s Ta Prohm Temple has grown to fame due to its Tetrameles Nudifloras tree and is a great historic landmark for tourists to visit. You will feel overwhelmed as you stand next to the giant trunks, dominating the temple.

The Boab Prisoner Tree

Nature is a wonderful gift which man has taken great advantage of. There is a famous myth circulating around Australia’s world-famous Boab tree, claiming that it was once a place where Australian prisoners were locked up while en route to their sentencing in nearby Derby. Of course, this isn’t the case nowadays but it actually makes a lot of sense. Its large hollow interior has become a tourist attraction that people travel from over the globe to see.

Wisteria Tree Japan

The 144-Year-Old Wisteria Tree in Japan is by far one of the largest of it’s kind. It covers an impressive 1,990 square meters and creates an absolutely stunning pink sky. Technically the Wisteria ‘Tree’ is actually a Vine and has to be held up on steel supports due to its heavy nature. Beautiful blossoms droop down and create the feeling that you are in a world similar to Pandora in the movie Avatar.

Cherry Blossom

Following on from the Wister Vine, it is no surprise that the cherry blossom is world famous for its breathtaking beauty. It can be found all over the world, but Japan has made it part of its culture, particularly in Tokyo. It is, in fact, the national flower of Japan. During World War II, the cherry blossom was used to motivate the Japanese people, to stoke nationalism and militarism among the population. Even prior to the war, they were used in propaganda to inspire Japanese spirit.

Crooked Forest, Poland

The Crooked Forest takes after its name. With only 400 trees, the crooked forest is home to a grove of rather oddly-shaped pine trees. It is believed that humans used some sort of tool or technique way back in 1930 to achieve this shape, but we are yet to discover what it was. Some believe that the woods were deliberately done in this crooked way to make ‘Compass Timbers’. Another theory surrounding the Crooked Forest is that the tanks from WWII rolled over the young trees, snapping the stems and forcing them to grow in weird and wonderful directions.

Can you believe such beautiful trees exist right here on Earth? There are hundreds and hundreds of exquisite trees that have not been mentioned, be sure to check them out when you have the chance. Although a wonderful natural creation, we understand that trees can sometimes become an obstacle and need to be taken care of. If in any doubt, get in contact with Premier Tree Surgeons before making any permanent decisions. With over 20 years experience in the tree surgery industry, you will be talking to professionals who know how to take care of any type of tree.