What to Look For in a Tree Surgeon

As with any professional, it’s important to know what to look for when hiring a tree surgeon. A quick online search may provide you with a variety of options, however, just giving a call to the first result isn’t always the best idea. Before filling in an online contact form or picking up the phone, consider these factors.

Services Offered: Residential or Commercial?

One of the first things to note when looking for a tree surgeon is the type of properties they work on. Some tree surgeons specialise in residential tree care, while others focus on commercial. Then there are those with experience working on both residential and commercial properties. Within these two property types, there are multiple types of services. Verify that the service you need is offered. For example, not every tree surgeon will offer dead wood removal or formative pruning.

Are They Insured?

Once you’ve determined the tree surgeons you are investigating offer the services you need, it’s time to check that they’re insured. You should never have an uninsured craftsman working on your property as it is a huge liability. At Premier Tree Surgeons, we carry public liability insurance. Any serious contractor will carry insurance to protect you, your property, and themselves.

Are They Local?

Hiring a local company doesn’t just help your town or city thrive, it also ensures your tree surgeon understands the area. A local tree surgeon who is aware of local regulations can better ensure a timely, safe tree removal. Premier Tree Surgeons is based in Busby, East Renfrewshire. We’re proud to provide residential arboricultural services to west central Scotland, including Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Ayrshire, and Dunbartonshire. In addition, we work with commercial and public sector clients across the nation.

Do They Have the Right Knowledge?

Tree surgery isn’t just about removing trees, however. Tree surgeons are often tasked with thinning trees and shrubs, planting trees, bracing weakened trees, and more. A good tree surgeon must know about the land and different types of plants. In addition, there are different techniques for crowning, lifting, and removal that must be learned. Most importantly, it must all be done safely and in a manner that is respectful of the land. A tree surgeon with many years of experience who is willing to discuss their certifications and knowledge can help you feel secure in your choice.

What Do Others Say?

One way to ensure that you’re dealing with a true professional is to look through what other people have said about them. If the tree surgeon you are checking out has a testimonials page, give it good look. Have past clients been happy with their work? What kind of work did they have performed? Is it similar to the type of work you’re looking to have done?

Getting a Quote

Once you’ve looked for these various qualifications, it’s time to call your top prospects for a quote. Not only does this help you determine the potential costs of your project, but it also provides you with an opportunity to verify any information. A professional tree surgeon will be happy to provide you with an honest quote and explanation to help you make the right choice for you and for your land.

As you seek the best tree surgeon for your job, we hope you’ll consider Premier Tree Surgeons. With over 15 years of arboricultural experience and an abiding love of nature, we would love to assist you.

At Premier Tree Surgeons, we work with both residential and commercial clients to create and maintain beautiful landscapes. To discuss your project and schedule a complimentary quote, leave us a message.