SAM_0139-768x1024Health and safety isn’t just the law, it is a fundamental part of everything that we do. We ensure that all of our staff are fully trained to use the modern equipment that we use, perform emergency procedures if required and work together as a team ensuring the safety of everyone. We are well aware that tree surgery can be dangerous, and that the tools we use are dangerous. We make every effort to make our job as safe as possible.

We are fully accredited, and make sure that we not only follow the health and safety laws but go beyond them.

We carry out works safely, on time and on budget

With the main focus of our business being involved in technical tree work activities, we have a duty and responsibility to ensure that staff and anyone likely to be effected by our work is protected from risk or harm.

As arboriculture has a higher rate of major injury incidents than that of construction so it’s important that we comply with all the relevant regulations and legislation that govern our industry. That’s why we take a serious approach to health and safety.
We are constantly improving and reviewing our company procedures, providing training, and monitoring health and safety on site.

All staff are trained and certified to acknowledge and comply with health and safety issues, work to company procedure documents and other relevant regulations, as well as being able to carry out emergency and rescue procedures.