What Our Dedication to Safety Looks Like

Having a tree taken down on your property might worry you, and we understand. It’s a pretty big endeavor and that can alter the look and feel of your property. Depending on the size of the tree, removal may take hours and involve multiple tools. To help alleviate any fears, we at Premier Tree Surgeons would like to share what our dedication to safety looks like.

The Right Tools

One part of ensuring that a job goes safely is choosing the right tools for the tasks. Thanks to our training, we know exactly what a tool is capable of and how it should be used. We train all new crew members on handling tools properly and with caution.

While many industries are being constantly revolutionized with new tools, an arborists tools have remained pretty low tech for the most part. What has changed are some of the materials used. Technology has helped improve everything from harnesses to blades. When used appropriately, these tools are generally safer. While there is always an inherent risk when using a saw or chainsaw (or climbing a tree), we’ve found that focusing on protective wear and proper use training go a long way towards protecting our crews.

The Right Methods

While most trees can be felled in a similar fashion, there are instances where it is necessary to use alternative methods. When we remove a tree, we not only focus on the tree and its health but on the surrounding area as well. The way in which we remove a tree is often determined by the amount of space we have and whether or not the tree has any problems.

Our training helps us determine how to best approach each job. Every tree we deal with presents its own challenges—just like how every patient presents their own challenges. We take every factor into account and then come up with a plan for how to get the job done. Doing this also allows us to create competitive quotes with accurate time frames. Our methods have led to numerous satisfied clients.

The Right Accreditation

You wouldn’t drive without a license, and we don’t operate without one. We are fully accredited and insured. We’re even an East Renfrewshire Council Approved Contractor. We care about the work we do and completing it to the highest standard. We work hard to complete jobs on time and on budget. We continue to focus on proper training and understand that training is a process and not a one-and-done type deal.

Our focus on safety has led us to implement emergency and rescue procedures in case our crew is ever faced with a dangerous situation. Any safety education would be remiss to exclude such training. In addition, we are always looking for opportunities to improve our procedures and processes to better protect our team.

Our health and safety focus isn’t just about accountability—it’s about what we do. Our goal is the provide the community, both residential and commercial members, with a necessary service and to do so in a way that is helpful and practical. Because we work with many different types of clients across Scotland, we’ve learned a lot about best practices and implemented numerous procedures to ensure safety in any situation.

Premier Tree Surgeons is dedicated to keeping our land looking its best. Together we can do what’s best for your landscape, whether it’s planting a new tree, thinning an older tree, or removing a tree that poses a risk. Request a free quote today to learn more about how we work and the services we provide.