Tree Removal – Felling

Felling is a method of tree removal which involves taking down an individual or multiple trees from the ground using a specific set of cuts to control the direction of the fell and is one of the commercial tree services we specialise in.

It is important that you plan tree felling operations very carefully. Trees must be felled safely and in the direction that you want them to fall. Well planned felling also makes it easier to continue with your planned work. The factor that first and foremost affects tree felling is whether there are any major obstacles in the area (overhead lines, roads and buildings etc.).

With the correct conditions, this is the safest and most cost effective method of tree removal.

Tree Removal – Sectional Dismantling

Premier Tree Surgeons – Residential Tree Surgery In most urban situations the tree that’s to be taken down (felled) is often surrounded by obstacles and potential hazards i.e. buildings, roads and phone lines etc. This can make tree removal by felling dangerous, in which case sectional dismantling will be required.

Sectional dismantling is a process of tree removal which is carried out when the tree cannot be felled from the ground within the surrounding space. There are many different techniques and you have to be able to adapt those techniques to different situations. Every tree is unique, this is where experience and knowledge are essential.

Once the team have discussed and decided on a plan of works, the tree will be dismantled. The climber will usually make their way to the top of the tree to find a suitable anchor point to install his main climbing rope. They will then descend to the lowest branch and start working the crown, beginning the process of taking the tree down in a safe and controlled manner while taking great care to ensure no damage is done to any obstacles within the vicinity.


Tree Rigging is the art of dismantling parts of or whole trees using a wide range of specialist equipment such as ropes, blocks and pulleys to name but a few. It can range from large pieces of timber to awkwardly shaped branches within tight drop zones where damage has to either be kept to a minimum or eliminated entirely. Tree Rigging is one of the most complex of all tree working situations and can involve a vast range of knowledge on subjects such as physicality of species, wood properties, equipment ratings, rope strengths and good working communications between the team.

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