Cable bracing can provide trees with added support when needed. It can prolong the life of a tree and can remove the need to fell in some circumstances. By making safe, trees, which have become or have the potential to become structurally unsound. For any commercial property featuring large trees, it is of vital importance that public health and safety is giving the highest priority. Our fully trained and qualified expert commercial arborists use the latest equipment and techniques and are also fully insured to carry out cable bracing works.

Cable Bracing – What’s involved?

Cable bracing involves using a series of cables and braces to structurally support a tree. By correctly applying cable bracing, our experts can help to manage defects in trees and prevent further problems from arising. By rebalancing the weight distribution of the limbs and branches of a tree, potential problems can be avoided and the life of a tree extended. Naturally, our expert team will carry out a full assessment before undertaking any cable bracing works to ensure that the treatment is fully necessary and to find the best way to achieve the best result.

Bracing is a term used to describe the installation of cables, to reduce the probability of failure of one or more parts of the tree structure due to weakened elements under excessive movement. This will prolong the life of a mature or damaged tree that is not yet at the end of its useful life.

Bracing provides a fail-safe for trees that may be likely to split in two at the point of a tight fork on co-dominant stems or add further support for heavy or weak branches.

Our Arborists will install a flexible cable system in the canopy of the tree to increase overall strength. Cables are installed high in the tree, at least 2/3 of the distance between the defect to the crown.

Current regulations and specifications require the installation of cable systems in the upper third of the crown. This is necessary due to the fact that this is where the highest wind forces occur. Bracing close to the point where the forces occur requires less breaking strength.

Modern cable systems are physically flexible and are non invasive to the tree. This is installed leaving a small amount of tolerance (slack) and should be monitored. If the tolerance is lost (slack disappears) and the cable becomes taught then further action is required.

Cable Bracing – Maintaining the support

The cables and braces involved require annual checks to ensure that they are firm and still providing the support they were intended for. They also require to be replaced after a number of years to ensure that they are able to provide the support as the tree grows and becomes heavier.

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